Phoenix-PRIME is the certified, software-based implementation of the PRIME standard designed for low cost microcontrollers. No DSP extension nor specific hardware required.


Phoenix-PRIME contains implementation of PHY, MAC and DLMS/COSEM CL. Full stack runs on ARM® Cortex™-M4 120MHz, 128kB FLASH, 128kB RAM and could be easily ported to other architectures. This unique implementation of PRIME could be deployed on dedicated MCU, or incorporated as software component sharing CPU with other tasks.

Highly optimized implementations of FFT and Viterbi decoder result in low computing power requirements and consequently low cost.

  • OFDM modulation (96 subcarriers)
  • error correction coding
  • high bitrate
  • ad-hoc network topology building

Reference design - Phoenix-PRIME Board

Reference design is available on request. It contains generic K21 tower board and custom AFE board. This board is all you need for rapid prototyping of your next product based on Phoenix-PRIME.

  • Featuring Kinetis K21 from Freescale
  • Custom AFE built on top of TI AFE031
  • Host interface via UART
  • Easy to integrate into custom products (smart meters)


  • PRIME PLC modem - pure software implementation of PRIME modem (PHY, MAC and DLMS/COSEM CL layers)
  • Fully proprietary implementation by Phoenix Systems - extensive knowledge of PLC communication and PRIME protocol details within the company
  • Pure software PHY (preamble detection, modulation, scrambling, interleaving, Viterbi decoder)
  • Runs on cheap hardware: ARM Cortex-M4 @ 120MHz, 128kB RAM, 128kB FLASH
  • Highly optimized FFT and Viterbi decoder implementation. Hot spots in assembler.
  • Portable to other MCUs and CPUs
  • Compatible with any AFE (Analog FrontEnd): custom or off the shelf. Software controls Tx/Rx gain, over current and thermal protection.
  • Remote software update mechanism (over PLC)
  • Deployment aid and debugging tools available (PRIME traffic sniffer, Wireshark plugins, post mortem traffic analyser, both online and offline analysis, network simulator)


Phoenix Systems developed unique tools for PRIME network debugging and deployment. Phoenix-PRIME could be used to dump traffic from a network. Dedicated plugins for Wireshark allow traffic analysis. There is also a dedicated tool to plot the activity of an entire network activity on a single chart.

More information

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Company is a member of PRIME Alliance. The PRIME Alliance is focused on the development of a new open, public and non-proprietary telecom solution which will support not only smart metering functionalities but also the progress towards the Smart Grid.

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