Phoenix Systems is a software company established in December 2011 by a team of embedded software experts. The company's mission is to commercialize Phoenix-RTOS and implement it in a wide range of modern embedded systems.


The Phoenix-RTOS prototype also know as Phoenix was developed between 2000 and 2001 in the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology as M. Sc. thesis by Paweł Pisarczyk. The first version of the system run on embedded PCs housing IA32 processors.


Successful development of the Phoenix prototype led to the creation of the company. It was one of the first embedded systems companies in Poland that focused on developing and supplying software for Automatic Dicing Saws used in the microelectronics industry as well as exo-kernel for medical devices such as cardio-monitors.

New Project

The previous activities allowed for better understanding of industry requirements for a modern real-time operating system. Development of Phoenix-RTOS started in 2004 followed by the decision taken in 2009 to establish a new company with external investors to commercialize Phoenix-RTOS and implement it in a wide range of embedded devices. The main target markets for these implementations are the next-generation smart grid solutions.


Phoenix Systems’ main product the real-time operating system Phoenix-RTOS targets a wide range of embedded platforms including configurable processors.

The business model is based on selling licenses for Phoenix-RTOS, software stacks as well as on providing embedded software engineering services.


Phoenix-RTOS targets in particular machine-to-machine communication and smart grids devices. Further applications of Phoenix-RTOS include, but are not limited to, communications, medical and automotive markets.

Smart Grid

Due to modularity, portability, small footprint and advanced architecture Phoenix-RTOS ideally fits to Smart Grid solutions. The company has been working on software stacks which run on top of Phoenix-RTOS. One of them includes PRIME PHY/MAC with Service Node functionality.

Global Operations

Phoenix Systems' goal is to be come a global company that supports projects worldwide. The headquarters of the company is located in Warsaw, Poland with additional offices in Bristol, UK.


Phoenix Systems is a team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled people.

We are Engineers

Most of our team members are software engineers with many years of experience specialized in a wide range of embedded systems projects. Deep knowledge, ability to understand and solve complex challenges and attention to details are tour main characteristics. Some of the team members pursue an academic career, that gives them an opportunity to quickly and accurately solve sophisticated and the most demanding problems. Their involvement will ensure the success of the company.


Programming is not only the job it is our passion. The passion that was born when we were young, the passion that permits us to follow our dreams, work hard and keep moving forward. Therefore, such combination of work and passion fulfills us professionally. brings satisfaction and gives us an incentive to broaden our professional knowledge.


Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness. These two words briefly describe our design philosophy. Completeness is the main requirement for algorithm design. Flawlessness is necessary when algorithms are implemented. When these requirements are satisfied engineering is turned into the art. We aim to create perfect software.

HQ Office:
ul. Ostrobramska 86
04-163 Warsaw
UK Office:
Engine Shed, Station Approach
Temple Meads, Bristol

Company is a member of SETsquared's Bristol
Business Acceleration Centre