Phoenix Systems is a startup company focused on development of the real-time operating system Phoenix-RTOS and software stacks for Smart Grid such as PRIME PHY/MAC.

Phoenix Systems business model is based on licensing the Phoenix-RTOS and software stacks as well as providing embedded software engineering services. The company's offices are located in Warsaw (PL) and Bristol (UK).

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Phoenix Systems’ Phoenix-RTOS is a state-of-the-art, fully proprietary, real-time operating system designed specifically for both single and multicore embedded applications.

Its modularity and portability, connected with a small footprint, virtual memory support and an advanced architecture supporting widely used programming abstractions, are ideally suited for use in modern embedded systems.


Smart Grid

The combination of Phoenix-RTOS, Smart Grid software stacks and low-power processors will give customers a distinct commercial advantage in the upcoming Smart Grid market by allowing them to prepare fully integrated embedded smart grid solutions.

Configurable Cores

We believe that configurable cores are the future of the embedded systems industry. Due to a modular and advanced architecture, small code footprint, portability and multiplatform support, Phoenix-RTOS ideally fits to these solutions.

HQ Office:
ul. Ostrobramska 86
04-163 Warsaw
UK Office:
Engine Shed, Station Approach
Temple Meads, Bristol

Company is a member of SETsquared's Bristol
Business Acceleration Centre